Checklist of Items to Inspect Before Closing on a New Home

(There are so many things to think about when buying a new home. Being prepared during the buying process can save you a lot of stress and money in the future. Before you close on a home, make sure to hire a contractor or certified home inspector to complete a full home inspection. If you are able to complete this checklist, the moving process will be much more worry free.

Roofing: The materials may be damaged due to sun, rain, and other weather and age-related problems. Also, check to see if there have been leaking problems in the past. This should be fully fixed before closing. The roof may need to be repaired or replaced altogether.

Termites: Pests can cause all sorts of damage to your home. Termites in particular can ruin your home’s foundation while not showing many signs until it’s too late. Hiring pest control to inspect your home for signs of termites, as well as other pests, can save your home from extensive damage.

Water Damage: This can be very expensive, as water damage in the home could lead to mold, rotting, and health problems if unchecked. There could be water damage underneath floors, in the walls, and in the roof.

Electrical System: Check out the electrical system for faulty wiring or outdated equipment that may cause you problems in the future. It is also important to remember that exposed wires are a serious safety hazard.

Plumbing: This is fairly easy to detect and to fix. Have the contractor check for any leaks or system problems so they can be repaired or replaced.

Structure and Foundation: Check to see if there is anything else in the house that needs maintenance work. There could be damage to the foundation, walls, windows, attic, floors, and outside perimeter of the house.

If you come across any of these issues while in the inspection process, they may be grounds to negotiate a reduced price on the home, a request that the seller fix the problems, or even grounds to walk away from the purchasing process altogether.  Make sure the contractor goes over all of these steps before you close the sale. By checking all of these problems in advance, you won’t have the grief of having to hire a contractor to fix everything when you are moved in.

Contact ELA Home Repairs for your inspection or repair needs at 800-368- PROS (7767).


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