Electrical Wire Safety

May is electrical safety month! It is incredibly important to understand how you and your family can be safe around the electricity in your home. Exposed electrical wires can be particularly dangerous, and coming into contact with them can cause serious injury to you or damage to your home. Here are some safety tips and tricks for wiring at home.

  • First of all, make sure you have cable protectors over your wires. This is especially important for outside or in the garage where they may be subjected to water damage. Cable protector ramps can also prevent you from tripping over the cords.
  • While wiring, remember to turn the power off from the source. If you see an exposed wire at any time do not touch them and immediately turn off the power.
  • Do not use electrical tape to repair damaged or exposed wires. Heat-shrink tubing is a more reliable and safer option. You can buy this online or at your local hardware store.
  • If the electrical wire begins sparking and catches on fire, never throw water on it – only use a chemical fire extinguisher. Water could cause more damage.
  • Also remember to check and see if the sockets are damaged. If the wires or sockets are loose or damaged, it can cause shocks and/or even potential fires.

Taking the time to make sure your electrical wires are in good condition means you are preventing yourself, others, and your home from very serious safety hazards. If you are unsure of how to handle electrical equipment contact a professionally licensed electrician.

Contact ELA Home Repairs for your electrical installation or repair needs at 800-368-PROS (7767).


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