7 Things Often Overlooked During a Final Home Purchase Walkthrough

A final walkthrough is usually requested a week before closing. This is typically 30 minutes long to make sure that your new house is in good condition and ready for move-in.

Here are some things that you should check before closing.

  1. Turn on appliances

    Make sure they can complete one whole cycle. You might want to request warranties or owner’s manuals.
  2. Check for water pressure.

    Turn on all the faucets on the bathroom sink, tub and flush all at the same time. If there is a significant drop in water flow, there could be some water pressure issues.
  3. Check that the items the previous owners agreed to leave behind are present.

    And, check if there are items left behind by owner accidently. (Chandelier, etc…)
  4. Test the heating and cooling system.

    AC units are expensive to be repaired or replaced. Have one person stand by the AC air vent, then adjust the thermostat to see if the heating system and cooling system are functioning properly.
  5. Check windows’ and doors’ opening.

    Open and close all doors and windows. Pay extra attention for any signs of condensation in double-paned windows or glass doors, which indicates poor sealing between the glass panels.
  6. Examine outdoor landscape.

    Check if the sprinkling system still works by placing a finger in the soil to check if the ground is moist.
  7. Check if the house is in a flood zone.
    You can check if your future home is in a flood zone on the FEMA website. However, if your home is on or near a hillside, you should consider getting a geological report, which will tell you about drainage problems, landslide risks, and other potential geological hazards that can happen to your home.

Make sure your agent is there with you to answer any questions. You can also bring your home inspector again to make sure that everything is addressed and taken care of.


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