Listen… Demystifying Strange Sounds in Your Home

Have you ever been home alone and heard some strange noise coming from the walls, bathroom, and even ceiling? These sounds are often indicators of needed home repair.

A buzzing sound can be caused by an electrical problem. You can switch off the main power. If the buzz stops, an electrical problem is the most likely cause.

Aside from electrical, insect infestation could also be the reason. A hive of bees or wasps might be inside the wall if you hear the buzz, especially when it is the hottest time of the day.


This could be caused by clogged pipes. Call your plumber or rent a sewer snake to clear the stoppage.


If you hear these at night, you will need a pest control specialist because these noises are typically caused by rodents.


Popping sounds point to a compressor issue; humming means your fridge is constantly cooling. Make sure that the coils are cleaned every season, and nothing is blocking the passageway between the freezer and the refrigerator compartment.


If you heard hissing sound (and could smell it), this could indicate a gas leak. Evacuate immediately without touching any electrical switches, including a telephone.


This noise could indicate belt issues. However, if this is your first time using the dryer and you hear loud banging, you might have forgotten to remove your shipping bolts.


When burners are not lighting properly, a small popping sound will occur. A professional should be called in to resolve this issue because it will eventually worsen and cause larger explosions.


Tighten the screws to a snug fit, making sure the fan blades are secure to the motor. This easy fix should get rid of the noise.


This could be caused by pipes thumping against the wall as water changes direction or being brought to a sudden halt, known as “water hammer”. This issue almost never causes any further problems for the home.


Contact ELA Home Repairs for your electrical installation and repair needs at 800-368-PROS (7767) or visit for more details.


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