Winter Preparation for Home (Home Weatherization)

Although Phoenix does not get snow, the drastic temperature fluctuation can make our home operate inefficiently. Having a tightly sealed home is like having a good zip-up trench coat that can help you to retain heat in the body. By weatherizing your home, you can save up to 30% of your heating cost.

Here is how you can weatherize your home:

  1. Seal exterior cracks on walls
    If you have a crack large enough that it cast a shadow, or can be seen pretty obviously, you can seal it with textured silicone latex caulk so the patterns of your walls are matched. Remove any old caulk and make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying the caulk. If the gap is too large (larger than ¼ inches), use expanding foam.
    Tips: for best results, use an ice cube to smooth out the caulk.
  2. Seal window cracks to minimize air leaks
    Cracks are most common around windows and door openings. You can use a rope caulk to temporarily seal windows or doors that are seldom opened.
  3. Install weather-strips
    Weather-strips are installed on doors and windows that are frequently opened and closed. Remember to install it onto the garage door as well.
  4. Insulate exposed pipes
    Phoenix’s temperature can drop to below freezing point. To prevent plumbing pipes from bursting, you can install insulation onto exposed pipes. Remember to check all attic, backyard and outdoor pipes.
  5. Insulate attic floor
    There is no need to heat your attic during the winter. Sealing it can help to control air leaks too.
  6. Install window film
    Window film can help to seal the window, making sure cold air is not transferred inside.

Contact ELA Home Repairs for your electrical installation and repair needs at 800-368-PROS (7767) or visit for more details.


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