Transitioning Your Home for the Christmas Season

Aside from decorating with a beautiful Christmas tree, candy canes, and Christmas stockings, here are more ways to prepare your home for a merry, jolly Christmas.

  1. Scents
    The “Christmas scent” is different from household to household. It could be apple cinnamon, nutmeg, pine wood, cloves, or eucalyptus. However, artificial store-bought aerosol sprays and air fresheners can affect hormonal levels and be toxic to the human body when exposed over a period of years. Instead, use these (DIY Christmas aroma) DIY ways to create the aroma that you like!
    If you are using essential oils, remember that it is highly saturated. So, it should be used sparingly and diluted to prevent skin irritation and other health risks (Read more on health effects of essential oils).
  2. Music
    Having a little Christmas music in the background can really set you into Christmas mood. Just tune in to KEZ 99.9 FM or 94.5 KOOL FM for some classic Christmas jingle.
  3. Sentimental factor
    Dig out your picture albums and put them on display! This is a chance to update your photo albums electronically and print physical copies. It is a great family activity and don’t forget, a picture for Christmas cards!
  4. Clear out your clutter
    Christmas is the season of giving. Why not kill two birds with one stone; clear out your clutter and donate what you don’t need/use to those that may. You can donate your items to a local food bank (Find a food bank in your area), or schedule a free donation pick up here.
  5. Be creative
    Christmas is about family and traditions. So, why not be creative and create your own tradition? Some ideas include helping out at a soup kitchen, organizing a food drive, watching some Christmas movies, and making your own ornament.

Thank you for our fellow loyal readers. Wish you all a safe and happy holiday.


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