Protecting Your Home from Thefts and Robbery

Whether you are living alone or getting ready to head out of town, it is important to protect your home from thieves.  Here are some other ingenious ways to protect your home aside from getting a home security system.

  • Put up some fake alarm system decals and signs and are some great places to find these.
  • Fake a TV glow
    Have you noticed that when you are watching TV in the dark, your window will glow with different lights? Companies create this effect with a lamp, making your home look occupied. (Can be found on too!)
  • Use a light timer
    A light timer will help turn on a light switch which makes it appear that the house is occupied. There are also programmable switches that allow you to remotely control your lighting. (Read more on Remote Lighting Control)
  • Install motion sensing outdoor lights
    Purchase motion sensing lights with adjustable sensitivity settings, so things like rustling tree branches do not trigger the lights. They should be installed on your porch and in your backyard to scare off the burglar.
  • Add a security camera
    You can make one with an old webcam, or get a smart doorbell, so you can see who is at the door.
  • Trick people with noise
    You can buy devices that will play dog growling noises, or CDs that play some white noise at home.
  • Eliminate obvious clues that you are not home.
    Things like having a pile of newspaper and mail on your driveway, a telephone rings loud but no one picks up the phone, social media posts announcing that you are out of town, and open blinds that people can peek inside, give out clues that you are not home.

Despite various technology that you can install onto your home, being aware of your surroundings and getting to know your neighbors helps to make your home/neighborhood safer.



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