Why Saving Water Should Be Your First Priority

Arizona has been in a drought for 21 years. As the water level in our reservoir is decreasing to a record-setting low, we need to be aware of our water usage to slow the increasing demand from our growing population. Here are several main reasons to justify water conservation.

Limited resources
Despite the fact that it is renewable, water is a limited resource. Currently, Arizona water is supplied by 4 major categories: Colorado River, surface water, groundwater, and reclaimed water. Groundwater accounts for about 40% of our water supply, but we have been pumping out more water than the aquifer’s ability to recharge (a condition called overdraft); The Colorado River provides 39% of our water supply, but surface water (19% of water supply) is the most unpredictable water source due to our desert climate. Arizona has also been trying to increase our use of reclaimed water, especially in golf-course and agriculture irrigation, to fight the shortage of water supply.

Maintaining low price
Depending on your current location of residence and service provider in Arizona, your monthly water rates can vary from $23.51 (Avondale) to $66.57 (El Mirage). This is because of the difference in water treatment infrastructure, billing system, and other cost to provide the water. If more water is needed, but there is not enough water supply, prices can be increased. So, conserving water plays a big part in maintaining a lower price as well.

Water conservation is quite an easy task

Everything from turning off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth/washing your hands, shortening your shower time, xeriscaping, and choosing efficient fixtures/toilet, are rather simple tasks to do (click here for more ways to save water).

But did you know that choosing a different diet can help with water conservation too? About 70% of water used in Arizona and 92% of water globally, is used for agriculture. One pound of chicken takes 518 gallons of water to raise; beef requires 1,847 gal./lb. of water; Broccoli at 34 gal./lb.; while asparagus needs 258 gal./lb. of water (Read more). This water usage is “hidden”, but makes a big impact in our water demand.

Water conservation should be done together as it is everyone’s responsibility to protect our future. Committing a little bit of extra effort can make a big difference too, especially in your monthly water bills.

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