7 Ways to Remove Pet Odors from Your Home

You bathe him weekly and make him use the restroom outside, but your pooch is still stinking up your house. Imagine you have family coming to stay with you next week or you’re preparing to put your home on the market. What do you do about the smell? Here are seven ways you can freshen up the air in your home and make it seem like you never had a pet at all.

dog indoor

  1. Let the bad air out and fresh air in by opening doors and windows. Allow some time for clean air to circulate throughout your home and push the polluted air out.
  2. Scrub floors and walls with generic cleaners, vinegar, or pet-specific odor neutralizers that can be found at almost all pet stores. Areas that will not be damaged by bleach can also be scrubbed with a bleach/water mixture.
  3. Wash any fabrics or upholstery found in your home. Loose items such as curtains and pillowcases can be cleaned in the washing machine, while larger items like couches will need to be steam-cleaned.
  4. Deep clean your carpets with carpet shampoo or something similar. If this is ineffective at removing the smell, something more drastic like carpet removal and/or replacement may be necessary.
  5. Repaint walls that have absorbed pet odor or seal them if they are made of brick or cement. This should mask the stench and keep it from returning.
  6. Use masking scents like candles or air fresheners to cover the odor. Remember that there can be too much of a good thing, so don’t overdo the pleasant smells. Rather, place them in areas just far enough apart that they wont overlap and cause sensory overload.
  7. Remove pee pads after every use and hide them during showings. For cat owners, replace cat litter daily rather than just removing the portions that have been used. Also, be sure to sweep up or vacuum any litter that has managed to escape the litter box.

For any other home tips, check out ELA Home Repairs online or give us a call at 1-800-368-PROS (7767).


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