Affordable Home Makeover Ideas to Customize Your Living Space

Is your home in a design rut? Or perhaps you bought a move-in ready house and never made serious steps to make it your own.  Either way, if your home isn’t in serious need of major remodeling, but you want to freshen up its look on a budget, these design ideas may be just what you need.

Add pops of wallpaper

Wallpaper has gained a reputation over the years as tacky décor reminiscent of 70’s era kitsch that leaves tattered walls once it peels.  Strategic pops of wallpaper can add a good amount of character to a living space though, and it’s easy to install with temporary peel-off options as well.  Think about placing wallpaper as a kitchen backsplash, in the space under the bar, within drawers and cabinets, on the ceiling, or as an accent wall or wainscoting affect.

Upgrade the bathroom and kitchen fixtures

Chances are good that the basic plasticky faucets and fixtures in your recently purchased home are already peeling, cracking, and/or breaking apart.  Real metal faucets and fixtures made from materials such as nickel, stainless steel, brass, and zinc alloy are more durable, easy to install, scratch resistant, aesthetically pleasuring, and in some cases water-saving.

Add a gallery wall

A gallery wall can be a great way to tie together eclectic artwork, framing, and wall décor.  It’s also a conversational piece in the home that can tell your story.  It can be used to share memories such as vacations, family, and special occasions such as weddings.


Update the lighting

The right lighting can add warmth and drama to a home, making it both functional and stylish.  Hanging lights and chandeliers come in a wide variety now, not merely the crystal candelabra kind of old.  Also, the majority of lighting is energy efficient and serves multipurpose needs from mood lighting to everyday use.  Dimmers and sensors also help vary lighting options.

Get creative with paint

An accent wall doesn’t always have to be simply a solid color.  Try color blocking using stencils or painter’s tape to add designs.  For real customization, hire an artist to create a mural on an interior or exterior wall.

Whatever you decide, go forth boldly with your home design projects!


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