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Electrical Wire Safety

May is electrical safety month! It is incredibly important to understand how you and your family can be safe around the electricity in your home. Exposed electrical wires can be particularly dangerous, and coming into contact with them can cause serious injury to you or damage to your home. Here are some safety tips and […]

Stepping Up Your Home Security

Home security is important for you and your family to feel safe in your own home. Whether you want to know what is going on around your house, or you want to protect your home against theft and break-ins, there are steps you can take to make your home safer. Follow these tips to make […]

Electrical Safety Month-Tips to Protect Your Home and Family

May is Electrical Safety Month! We are constantly using electricity in our homes; in fact in the United States the average household use is 11,700 kilowatts per year. Because we are so exposed to it, it’s important to be aware of the dangers of dealing with electricity in your home. Here are some tips to […]

The New Wave of Smart, Home Energy Saving Devices

The movement towards creating a smart energy home is in full swing. We do just about everything you can image with our smart phones and tablets these days, and controlling our home temperature, appliances, and lighting is no exception now. See the features and benefits of some smart home energy devices and how they will […]

Safety Tips to Avoid Electrical Fires in the Home

Electric League of Arizona (ELA) is joining the cause this October for National Fire Prevention Month. Now is the time to prepare one’s home as fires occur most in the colder months of the year. According to the National Fire Administration, faulty electrical equipment is the third leading cause of house fires and estimates over […]

Fall Home Energy Saving and Maintenance Tips

Chances are good that vacations abounded this year and your home did not get the love it normally receives. This is a great time of the year to prepare your home for the fall and winter elements before the holiday season takes hold of our time and energy. Many of these will ensure your family’s […]

Pool Maintenance and Safety Tips

Enjoying time at the swimming pool can be one of the best pastimes in the summer. Maintaining a safe and energy efficient pool is worth the time and investment. These tips will help keep your family and friends safe poolside and help you reduce energy usage, keeping money in your pocket! Pool Safety There are risks […]